«Sparebankene» consists of 107 banks, each year giving out six hundred million NOK. As part of their 200 year anniversary, they wanted a new logo to modernise and unify the association.

Together with my colleagues at Hyper, we worked on creating an identity that kept some of the heritage from the old symbol (an oak tree), yet forming something that felt new and strong.

We researched colour and type use in the 107 individual bank logos, and tried to find something that would be as unique as possible, yet nicely balanced and timeless.

The result is a visually simple shape, showing an abstract form of the oak tree. It also symbolises the bank giving out their profit to the local society – «a piece of the pie».

As a result, the logo as been so well received that it will now become the main symbol not only for Sparebankene, but also the The Norwegian Savings Banks Association.

  • Client: Hyper / Sparebankforeningen
  • Role: Designer