Mesan is a Norwegian IT consultancy company focusing on system development. They wanted a new site to represent who they had become, as the old site no longer gave a correct impression of who they were and what they do.

We worked closely with Mesan’s own information architects to create wireframes of the sites structure and layout. The site was going to be fully responsive so we had to work out how content and navigation should scale in the best manner possible.

During the visual design phase I was given pretty much no boundaries in terms of design aesthetics. The only profile element they had was their logo and the signature red color. Wanting a timeless but modern look, I went for a bright color scheme with large surface areas for text and images, using the responsive grid. Together with photographer Thomas Haugersveen we came up with a visual direction for all the imagery, both as a branding statement and to set the right tone for the site.

The result is a fresh, open and easy to use website.