I worked at Hyper for 7 years, and one of the last projects I worked on was the new company website (launched september 2014). One of the more challenging things you can do as a designer is to work on something as personal as your own company page.

At the same time as we worked on the visual part of the new site, others were redefining the company vision and strategy. Together we formed the spoken and visual language of the site.

The site has some goals: To tell people who we are and what we do, and what we have done. We solved this by using full screen video from our office, and some key bullet points on the main hero field. Further down you’ll be presented with the latest case studies.

Responsive was an obvious choice, and one of the more important tasks people do on the phone is finding our office on a map. That’s why we have quite a large map on the global footer, available from any page on the site.